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maillotsdefootumagasin.com appointed as.In August

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the night scene graph

office again and again by the boss harassment
small A this year 28 years old, in 2007 April to enter the Japanese sen in Guangzhou six plastic parts company quality department, appointed as.In August last year, Yokoyama Hiroa from the Japanese company to the quality department deputy minister,hollister."At first I did not care about him, but later he used up on me, touch me, touch my neck waist, turned him down, he said that I was too cold to mystifying, felt great psychological pressure.&quot,hollister;Since then, small A start often nightmares, "a couple of times I in her work, he came from behind and touched up, scared me tremble."But the small A chose self-surrender.
year-end competent crazy incivility
to last December 26th's company annual meeting, the small A finally fed up.The small A chat with colleagues, Yokoyama Hiroa suddenly from behind to pull her hand, and stuck her neck, "I can't breathe, immediately asked him to let me go, still screaming for help! Hard to break away, but he still went around the table and after me, scared out of my feet are soft,louboutin."Small A recalls, and then Yokoyama Hiroa sings, "he's on stage was shouting my name, I was scared to hide under the table, but he still saw, back and forcibly hold me, negotiate, touch the chest."
A bear complaints after crying for two days,hollister.In January 6th of this year, a small A company to put forward two requirements: 1 is a written apology, 2 companies out of warranty, guarantee that she no longer subject to sexual harassment.On January 7th, Mori Roku held a coordination meeting, six heads, Yokoyama Hiroa.
but the coordination will make little A very disappointed.General manager of the company is the first to recognize Hengshan's wrong behavior, but later said that Hengshan to little A back touch all out of kindness, and Hengshan had a lot to drink, &quot,abercormbie;if Hengshan written apology will give him blot", refused to small A requirements.Hengshan is defended, it is hoped that through contact of small A and do a better job, but get the opposite of what one wants,louboutin pas cher.But most lets small A sadly,hollister, a member of the trade union committee of two Chinese compatriots not only for her rights, also spoke of "the general manager of your chair is in your face", one of them also has repeatedly claimed that want to fire her.Shortly thereafter, a small A was kicked out of the company.
colleagues took photos into key
small A decision to the court of appeal.But before this, Guangzhou accepted a sexual harassment case to the lack of evidence against the closure of all.Good little A in a lawyer's help, got the most convincing evidence -- photos.The three photo is the colleague accidentally shot.
court thinks, the plaintiff to submit photographs clearly show the defendant's conduct violated the plaintiff's personality right, cause mental distress.The plaintiff asked the defendant to a written apology and compensation for mental damages in the law according to the request,hollister.

&nbsp,abercrombie france;
the case for Guangzhou's first sexual harassment lawsuit case, experts called for the classical case, far-reaching
in Guangzhou, a Japanese company, by Japanese director Yokoyama Hiroa harassment for months, several complaints to the company failed to reverse was dismissed,hollister, in March of this year, 28 years old female white-collar small A he put the Japanese executives and companies court.Finally, the court determined that the Japanese director constitutes sexual harassment, submits a written apology and compensation for 3000 yuan,supra shoes.
the case in Guangzhou is the first successful case of sexual harassment.Industry sources, in the sexual harassment legislation is not perfect in China, it will become a classic case, far-reaching influence.
is the man's boss, Japanese
; soft not hard to come, expressions are distorted

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19, well-off and parents came to the city hospital for the admission procedures.After careful preoperative preparation, well-off under general anesthesia in a varus deformity correction operation, good postoperative recovery.3 other children also have for cleft lip and palate repair and clubfoot correction operation, is currently in operation and rehabilitation.
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