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maillotsdefootumagasin.com you can get 1 minutes

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yesterday morning, in Nanjing Baixia District beautiful villa, a young couple comes home to find the car park in the area of the rearview mirror sabotage, hurried to the area of security alarm,hollister deutschland, security personnel rushed to the scene, found to be damaging the rearview mirror to the vehicle up to dozens of cars, immediately called 110 alarm.Soon, the police rushed to the scene, after examining statistics, a total of 27 cars side rearview mirror is damaged, mostly in the high-grade cars.
27 car rearview mirror destroyed
damaged vehicle rear-view mirror.Photo by Mei Jianming

"police all over, around this circle number and number one by one, registration, if the injury is up, have 27 much."A surname Wang residents told reporters, all is the rear view mirror broken, police registration, also feel incredible.But in fact in the front, but people have to believe, this crime is really peeves.
in 22 community buildings and 28 buildings around the circle, really stopped many vehicle owners by twos and threes, standing in his car, watched helplessly as their car,hollister, funny.The reporter sees, a long line of about seven or eight cars, in a row on residential roads left parked on the right side of the rear view mirror, most were damaged, some smashed into face, some rearview mirror lenses all cost, and not only the rear view mirror all damaged, along with the plastic frame to damage,louboutin pas cher.
at the scene of the crime scene is "spectacular"

" is simply &quot,jordan pas cher;3 in the morning for a long time, there is a man and a woman, two young people to go home, in the village saw a line of six or seven car rearview mirror all broken, then immediately told security."A small security told reporters, they rushed to the scene and found one, more than two young people said so much, was immediately alarms, while in the area around patrolling, and found no suspicious.

reporter discovery, in the beautiful villa, around the residents of a car, just away from and out of District of a busy road, and slightly more remote, visible the criminals looking for location,hollister, on the terrain quite familiar with, as the district residents say, cannot be ruled out that familiar with the area environmental crimes.Although some vehicle alarm will tweet from place to place, but more could not be found.
journalists rushed to alfalfa Garden Avenue is located in beautiful villa, he heard a lot of people around there were many discussions."I do not know which is so wicked, a ruined so many rearview mirror, that total losses. Tens of thousands of pieces,supra."A resident at a residential building on the inside,abercrombie france, the wrecked vehicle parked in the lean inside a piece of,supra shoes.

damaged vehicle rear-view mirror.Photo by Mei Jianming

smashing time should be up to an hour. "
reporter discovery, these vehicles parked aside, most owners more consciously, the rearview mirror twisted come away, so as to avoid obstacles by car.Even so, so many cars still cannot avoid killed.
this before and after smashing 27 car rearview mirror, crime time is short.Reporters around the circle of the wrecked vehicle go again, found only this have to spend 15 minutes."Break a mirror, you can get 1 minutes,louboutin, before and after the crime time not less than 1 hours.&quot,abercrombie and fitch;A founder of the owners simulation said, should be in already hit when the attention will be heard, at the same time, and most of the rearview mirror straight and then start, process is more complex, but also more time-consuming,hollister france.Unfortunately,hollister, the outlaws had approximately 1 hours, not being found.

in close proximity to the 28 building on the left side of the road, a row of parked cars, the left rearview mirror also damaged, many car rearview mirror was abruptly pulled down, only the connecting wires hanging, swinging with wind.

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