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behind them is actually a wife Wang Yang

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truth peep; killer has hired
, wife;; &nbsp,air jordan; Wang Mou was murdered, the police launched an investigation into the relationship between the perplexing around him,hollister.Economically, in addition to the gallery, he is also involved in the steel and the nightclub business, and a thousand claims.In life, he and several women maintained the improper sexual relations, and was lost over time in gambling, also has a history of drug abuse.
&nbsp,abercrombie; the police preferred "crime of passion" and "vendetta" work.His wife Yang in floods of tears, "know that her husband is having an affair, but generally had to go."My friends think that Wang Mou temperament smelly, drank too much like talk, offend people do not even know.
just as the progressively development, another group of investigation police around the killer activity rule made breakthrough progress.Through video monitoring pug, found the two murderer foothold, and ultimately to grasp its true identity.Hwang, Zhou 'men, were 44 years of age, 51 years old,abercrombier deutschland, are city people.
the sixth day, December 1st, the police task force to secretly sneak into Xiantao, after a night in the waiting, at noon the following day, when people meet to discuss escape plan yellow Tuesday, in one stroke to captured.
Huang, Tuesday post,hollister france, in the face of so much evidence truthful account of the crime after.The case is entirely cleared. Case, behind them is actually a wife Wang Yang, and the killer is Yang's friends friend Zhang matchmaking.

late-night murder; the gallery owner died in the store
November 26th morning 9 when make, with the usual,abercrombie france, "Friends of the arts Xuan Gallery" young female manager came to the Orchard Road store in three to open the door.Strangely,abercrombie france, not usually early boss Wang a Benz sedan parked in front of the shop, lights, also did not lock the door.
the girl is immediately in front of the door opened, a petrified: interior is full of blood, Wang Mou was cut-throat, died in the lobby floor.She cried out of store, near bystanders and adjacent shop employees informed, help to call 120 and 110.
Xiling public security sub-bureau criminal police production brigade police rushed to the scene, found Wangmou neck by sharp hit, obviously as a homicide.The police first the qualitative case with premeditated murder.
preliminary investigation is informed, the Wang Mou of 44 years old this year, the city has 3 industrial, worth a million.Was killed that night, Wang Mou has been the clerk in the store and finishing crafts.Nine thirty in the evening, when the work, Wang Mou says, counterjumper to leave.Indoor monitoring also records the whole process of the deceased.25 days of evening ten forty, two masked men burst into the shop, one of them a gun against the Wang Mou head so that it didn't move, another with a knife to kill.Crime just two minutes, the murderer was not disturbed indoor crafts and Wang Mou belongings, on the door,abercrombie and fitch.

family violence; wife initiation mariticide idea
&nbsp,hollister berlin; late on December 4th, the police to questioning by Police Battalion, asked yang to questioning, she is still a face grief.When the killer has provided out immediately after, like the ball, instantaneous torn.
reporter Wang Xianke correspondent Chen Qiuping
Yichang City Orchard Road three the gallery owner Wang Mou die shop,hollister, death mystery.Yesterday, the case of the Xiling Public Security Bureau project group are disclosed the details of the case: the victim's wife Yang long suffered domestic violence, because worried that one day her husband who died, then bid 1000000 dollars entrusted friends hired two field killer the butcher's wife,abercrombie.At present,louboutin pas cher, the 4 suspects have been detained.
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graduate dormitory located at school in the north.According to the dormitory administrator, jump off building girl's surname is a king, is the second grade graduate school of applied psychology."The time is 9 o 'clock in the morning, when she was broken in the dormitory backyard on the field, after the incident, the police went into the backyard door was locked."
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